RumJava Artisan Crafted Rum, Made with Java'Mon Coffee, Launches in US, London and the USVI!

Born from Java’Mon Coffee based cocktails made in Cruz Bay, St. John, our RumJava handcrafted collection of fine Rums are infused with five of our favorite Java'Mon coffee blends and other natural flavours. RumJava is twice distilled at 160 to 180 proof in a copper stack pot from Florida cane produced in Clewiston, Florida. Artisan crafted and twice distilled in South Florida, RumJava is gluten-free, 100% all natural, and infused with Java’Mon Coffee. Join our journey 'mon and experience Caribbean Culture, RUM, and Coffee in Every Sip. RumJava is available now for purchase throughout South Florida, the USVI, United Kingdom, and states across the US, including Arizona, California, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas and Washington! Available for purchase in 35 states online at Jah bless!